Lake Manitoba Flood Class Action Lawsuit Settlement 2021

Exchange Solutions Inc. is the Claims Administrator for the 2011 Lake Manitoba Flood Class Action Settlement Agreement that received the Court-Approval Order by the Honourable Justice Joan McKelvey of the Court of Queen's Bench on January 13, 2022.

A class action lawsuit was initiated against the Province of Manitoba in 2013 on behalf of those affected by the 2011 Lake Manitoba flood waters. 

In 2021, the Province of Manitoba and the class legal counsel DD West LLP reached a settlement of $85.5m that was approved by the Court of Queens Bench on January 13, 2022.

If you were affected by the 2011 Lake Manitoba Flood, you may be eligible for compensation even if you did or did not receive compensation from the original Government of Manitoba Financial Assistance Program as the Class Action Settlement includes different eligibility and compensation criteria.

If you believe you are eligible for compensation from the class action settlement, the first step is for you to obtain and submit a Claim Registration Form to the Claims Administrator.

A Claim Registration Form provides information for the Claims Administrator to assess if you are eligible to potentially receive compensation based on the Claims Administration Procedure criteria in the Lake Manitoba 2011 Flood Settlement.